Benefits of a BSN Degree

Nowadays, if you want to enter the nursing profession, the benefits of doing so with a nursing BSN degree are more compelling than ever. As patient needs continue to grow in complexity, more health-care employers are opting to hire only those nurses with a baccalaureate education. This employment trend especially rings true for hospitals seeking Magnet® status—the “gold standard” for nursing excellence.

A BSN degree from Loyola University Chicago prepares you to stand out with employers and pursue an advanced nursing degree in the future, if you choose. More specifically, our accelerated nursing program teaches you how to:

  • Deliver safe, effective care across the patient life span.
  • Apply clinical reasoning in different patient care scenarios.
  • Adapt nursing knowledge to different areas of practice.
  • Follow the legal and ethical standards for nursing practice.
  • Collaborate with members of the health-care team in providing holistic patient care.

Better Opportunities

Earning a bachelor’s degree in nursing enables you to reap more benefits from the profession. The BSN curriculum delves fully into the nursing profession, covering areas such as nursing management, nursing research, ethics, and community health. This expanded coursework advances your critical thinking skills and helps you better understand issues that influence patient outcomes.

When compared to an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN), a BSN can provide:

  • A higher starting salary.
  • An increase in job security.
  • A better chance at advancement.

Better Outcomes

According to research conducted by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, the more BSN-prepared nurses a health-care facility employs, the better the patient outcomes. Other studies have also come to a similar conclusion, including a hospital study that compared inpatient cardiac surgery mortality rates to nursing education levels. As the hospital increased its number of BSN degree holders on a unit, the study found that patient mortality decreased.

This is yet another critical reason why a BSN degree is so important. The liberal arts and humanities requirements of a baccalaureate education bring a broader perspective to the profession. It’s also an education that covers how culture, economics and politics play into patient care.

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